Other Interests

I was born near the city of Guadalajara but grew up living in Houston, Tx. I really like San Marcos because the hill country landscape looks alot like the mountainous areas around Guadalajara. There are many rivers near San Marcos to enjoy.

To the left is Zapopan, Jalisco and to right is Wimberley, Texas.

Since moving to San Marcos, I've started getting into kayking. The first time I tried it was with some friends at Austin on Lady Bird Lake. We rented some kayaks and after that I was hooked.

I've gotten my own kayak since then and even though I bought it used, it works just fine. I get out on the river whenever I have the chance. I like to take a fishing pole and a cooler with me just in case the fish are biting that day. Five Mile Dam Park is one of my favorite places to go.

River's near San Marcos