TXST Marketing & Video

Like I said before, I worked with the TXST Marketing and Video department shooting video of live sporting events. I helped shoot basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, and soccer games. Football games were the craziest but they were also the most fun.

Every sport had it's challenges depending on how close your camera was to the action. For football games, I was usually on the field getting close-ups of the players and the coaches. I think it was the the best position but it was also the most chaotic because there's so many people moving around the sideline. We had to make sure to get the shots the producer wanted and make sure that nobody tripped over our camera cord.

Overall, it was a great experience. I got to work with some cool cameras and fancy equiment the department had recently acquired. I never thought about how many people it takes to get a sporting event aired live and this experience showed me a bit of what it's like. Communication amongst everyone is key.