Carlson (right)

Magnus Carlson, 28, is the current World Chess Champion and the new face of the sport. Born in Tonsberg, Norway, in 1990, Magnus showed signs of great intellectual ability at an early age. At 2 years old he was solving 50-piece puzzles and at age 4 he was building Lego sets made for 10-14-year-olds. Magnus was introduced to chess at age 5.

He achieved Grandmaster status at age 13, becoming the youngest Grandmaster at the time. In 2012, after winning the London Chess Championship for the third time, his chess rating went up from 2848 to 2861, surpassing Gary Kasprov’s record of 2851 set in 1999.


Magnus can play multiple opponents simultaneously while blindfolded and win. He plays the boards by memory, always keeping track of each piece’s position. Magnus’s abilities caught the attention of many sponsors who eagerly endorse him such as Microsoft. His net worth was estimated at $12.5 million dollars as of 2018.